Junior Choir

We are an energetic, enthusiastic group of about 30 Y 2-4 students who practise singing with Mrs Freer for 30 minutes a week.

We sing all sorts of songs, move to them as well as learn to follow a musical score. We learn to sing beautifully, softly or forcefully without shouting, whatever the music demands of us. We even add instruments to enhance our singing. We are able to start singing in parts through singing lots of rounds.

We regularly share what we have learnt. We sing at assemblies, go and visit Resthaven and sing for the senior citizens there and we also managed to be invited to sing as Foyer Artists in the Festival of Music Series.

Senior Choir

Our senior choir is for students in Y 5-7 and participates in the Festival of Music concert series in the Festival Theatre. Our students learn for the first three terms a set program of songs, they then get together with the other students from all over the state and perform in a big, professional performance at the end of term 3. The choir sings in two parts, so students are exposed and learn to hold a harmony not just in the context of rounds. The choir is externally assessed, and has managed over the last couple of years to show a very high standard.

The senior choir regularly shows their learning through singing at assemblies and joining forces with the Junior Choir in visiting Resthaven.

In term 4 the Senior Choir takes on a major role in singing extra pieces in the Musical.