Performing Arts Through Music

Each class has a weekly lesson with Mrs Freer, our Music teacher.

We sing, move, play and dance, create our own melodies as well as learn how to read and write music.

Our music program is a sequential Kodaly program. Every concept in music learning is first experienced through singing and moving, is then made conscious and then gets practised.

Rigorous learning is going on, almost unnoticed by the students, as they get involved in games and music making. Reading rhythms becomes second nature to older students, singing is our main instrument and all students have the opportunity to learn to sing in tune.

Movement and dance is incorporated in the music lessons, be it through free movement to music or learning set dances to pieces of music. Passing games, cup rhythms, scarves, ribbons, shakers for movement are regularly used.

The drama strand is addressed in a whole school musical production in term 4, which is performed at our End of Year Concert. Each child is part of a big production and learns how to act their part.